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Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Use the following advanced tips as a resources to assist you in better locating the content on this site that you are interested in.

  • Searches Are Not Case Sensitive
    Searching for "Window" is the same as searching for "window" or "WINDOW".
  • Use AND or OR Operators
    Using the logical operators AND or OR can narrow or broaden your search. For instance, searching for "granite OR table" will find all pages and documents with either the word "granite" or "table" in them while searching for "granite AND table" will find only pages and documents with both words in them.
  • Use Wildcards
    You can use the wildcard characters "*" and "?" to broaden your search. The * operator will take the place of several characters. For example, a search for "re*" will find "residential" and "rejection". The ? operator will take the place of a single characters. For example, a search for "?ar?et" will find "carpet" and "target" but not "Learjet".
  • The NOT Operator
    You can use the logical "NOT" operator to locate pages and documents that do not contain a specific string. For example, searching for "glass AND NOT counter" will search for all products not related to counter top installations.

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